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Cylinder head stuff


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Hi folks

I'm preparing to do as much work on the cylinder-head/valve-gear that is possible without actually removing the heads - ie. replace cams, buckets, shims, valve-springs, collets, hats. Goal will be to solve the problem whereby two of the valves are running at too little clearance shim-wise.

This is the tool I will use to dismantle the valve parts in situ, while using the "American Rope Trick" to keep the valves in place:


Just wondering about the valve-stem seals. In other cars, these are rubber and when they get old they leak oil - when you start the car after it's been sitting, you get a cloud of blue smoke, but no smoke when driving. I'm getting that with my Stag now too. Am I right in saying that the valve-stem oil-seals are steel sleeves rather than rubber seals ? If so, is it possible to extract them without removing the head ?

I'm reticent about removing the heads as the car "only" has 69,000 miles on it; the engine is otherwise performing fine (apart from the shim problem); plus I'd rather leave removing the heads until it REALLY needs it.

Anyone else done such head-work ?


(HVV 416N)

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It could be the cam buckets that are worn. They can let oil seep down them and drip onto the valve causing it to seep into the combustion chamber or get sucked in on start up. I have come across severe bucket wear which an owner had ignored. He had new valves and guides fitted but still it smoked. One set of buckets cured his problem on the faulty head but he decided to have both done.
They don't have stem seals. Its just a guide and a valve. I believe you can fit them but its rumoured to make the valve temperature a lot higher.
I don't how thats possible but maybe someone with an anorak will be along shortly to explain.

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They are in "direct" contact with the oil splattering freely around the head whereas in a Dolly/TR7/Stag and the inlet valves of a Sprint, they are completely covered by the cam buckets. These then are recessed in the head.
And you are talking off very little lubrication needed for the valves

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