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Brake master cylinder and servo...


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Good day!

Just bought a 13/60 cab here in Sweden wich needs a little work on the brakes.
What I dont understand (or find in the handbook) is the servo unit that has been fitted to my car :-/.
It´s a 1969 and talking to Rimmer they suggested it was aftermarket.

Have anybody seen one before (the servo unit)?
Are they rare?
How do I find parts (gasket kits) for them?
Should I perhaps just bypass it if it´s leeking 8)?

Best regards from Sweden!

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Yep, lots of servos were fitted after the cars where made, various brands but over here girling and lockheed (mainly) Seals can be difficult to find for some.
I have never had a triumph with a servo, not felt it is needed. I have even removed them from cars I have bought in the past. So yes, if you suspect the servo is leaky then remove it. Easy!

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