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Tracking down a 1979 Brown/Red 1500


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Im trying to track down my mothers 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500. I know this is a long shot, but I’m hoping a reader on here may be able to help.

The information I have:


It was a red 1500 but I think it was resprayed brown after my mother sold it. 

It was registered on 13 March 1979. The registration ended in 842T. 

My mum reluctantly sold it to someone in Trowell, Nottingham in approx. 1982/3.

The car has now had 5 owners since new. The last owner bought the car on 3rd November 1988


It looks like it hasn’t been taxed since 1993, but it’s not declared SORN, nor has it been officially scrapped or written off etc.


I guess it is possible that it has been stored for a while and is now being enjoyed by the current owner. 


But if it’s sat in a garage or a field somewhere, I’d be really keen to get in contact with the owner. It would be great to discuss purchasing the car back for my mother. - If the owner is open to that. 


I know it’s a long shot - but any help or information anyone has would be gratefully received.


Many thanks. 


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