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1600 Diff to 2000


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I am just in the proces of replacing my 1600 diff with a 2 litre one!
Why I hear you ask, cos I just sheared the inner axle shaft on the 1600 diff!!

The 1600 diff is essentially a herald 1200 one, with thinner inner axle shafts, and according to lots of people on here, they shear for fun on 1600's, so I wouldn't give it much of a chance on a 2 litre. Triumph even upgraded the 13/60 to the thicker shafts for the same reason.
I think you will also find that the input flange from the prop shaft is a different size.
When mine sheared, the advice I was given was uipgrade it to a 2 litre one, so going the opposite direction may not be a good plan for you.

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