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Going rate for a diff inspection/overhaul?


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Why not ..dooooo.. it your self!!!, go on, have a go, once ye get in at it, its not as comlicated as reading aboot it,, and will save ye some loot too

plus you got to get it oot, , so just go a little further, if ye doo make a no go of it, then you can .then.. give it to some one to rebiuld

[ if the movement on the pinnion is very little, like up to an inch or so, then leave alone, and just change seals, unless its making a noise,]

seals are a doddle, no need to take the diff apart,  [ you leaking oil !! ]

if you going to change the front oil seal, then whatch out if it is a collapseable spacer, as ye got to get the nut back to ..exactly.. the right spot, or you will alter the pinnion end float

collapseable spacer ones , generally have a steel dome cover over the nut, bit like on the front wheel bearings,, [urghh orrible things these ones, ]

regards Marcus

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well, its mk2 spit that come out of 30 yeasr storage. i've pulled the back end out and rebuilding it all - surprisingly the wheel bearings are very smooth so just new radius arm bushes, trunnion kits, shoes, brake cylinders hoses etc and the UJ's are Ok too. the speedo reads just over 80k miles but i've noticed the diff is leaking from input seal.

i haven't the time to get into bearing preloads etc so was gonna get mike papworth to give the unit the once over and some new seals, whilst i overhaul the other stuff.

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map2, you no need to get into preloads, just undo the side bolts, [allens,], pull oot, take bearing off, put new seal in , thats half shart side done,

take off big nut, pull off flange, and seal is in there,

no preload needed to doo this, , you can tighten it up as normal, if it is just a nut, and not a cover ,as said before

go on doo it, 3/4 till an hour tops, honnest,surely you got that time on yer hands !!!!,

while its oot, drill and tap a drain hole in, a gear box plug is ideal, as its got a magnet in it

regards  marcus

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CharlieB wrote:
Taking the bearings off the shafts, they can be bl**dy tight!

Absolutley. When I tried to do this I wrecked a puller. I think you really need the correct type of puller as shown in the Triumph workshop manual.

In the end I had to get re-con flanges/bearings from Canleys as it was clear there was no way I was going to shift those bearings.

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Hi you two, just been in me shed, building a diff up, and tried to doo it with out the puller, , as its on loan , i took em off by  ,

holding the top flange, and wacking the splined end doon onto the anvil bit on the vice, and pulled doon, on oil seal bit, wilst wacking it doon, 4 downward wacks,and it was off,!!

and they were no that big a wack either

who needs a puller noo,!!!, I found an easier way,

regards marcus

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sounds exactly why i want to get an expert in. i could do the seals but then the diff could be scrap as its condition is unknown. if anything needs doing , i don;t have the tools for doing bearings or even knowing what to look for when assessing the actual diff.

b ack to the original question - what the going rate for a check over and some seals - 1 hrs labour?

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