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1200 diff to 948 diff


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[face=Arial][/face] I have a 1967 1200 Herald which has been used as a donor car for a Willys Jeep ,This jeep has larger wheels than the original heralds wheels .
My question is that i have noticed that the diff for a 948 Herald saloon is a ratio of 4.875 to 1 compared to the 1200 Herald which is 4.11 to 1, If i change the 1200 diff to a 948 diff will this compensate for the differance in wheel size or at least help with the gearing? Is there any way that i can identify a 948 diff compared to a 1200 diff?


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Hi Graham,
There will be a number stamped into the bottom rib along the nosepiece of the diff. The 1200 diff is prefixed GA, indicating 4.11:1. 948s with the single carb engine have the 4.875:1 diff prefixed G, twin carb cars have a 4.55:1 ratio prefixed Y.
Be aware that ALL 948 diffs have the thin output shafts, late 1200s (from 1967?) will have the thicker shafts common to the 13/60. This is no problem in terms of interchangeability, the thin shafts are more prone to breakage when a larger (1300+) engine is used.
If you can't find one locally, I should be able to locate a 948 diff of one or other ratio for you.

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