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hello people.

any ideas on how to free off a stuck clutch? masters working and good. checked slave, what a pain that was! re bleed and i can see its pushing the arm.

car has not been used in years so i suspect the plates are stuck.

i have tried jacking the one wheel up and starting it in gear whilst holding the clutch and hitting the brakes but so far its not worked. did it on the spitfire and it worked second time from cold. that didnt half go BANG

Is it a LSD on a 1500? only asking as a few times it near fell off the jack?


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It shouldn't be a LSD on a 1500, if you have aenough room in front of the car then handbrake off, select SECOND  gear turn key, hold on tight whilst it tries to take off along the road the clutch will either then do nothing or go bang loudly, the bang will  be the plate releasing or the pressure plate and firiction plate going on its own journey to somewhere dark.
Out of the 20 or so times I have used this method only once have i broken a clutch.

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