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Very stiff clutch...


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Hey guys been a while,

Started the Stag up today as i have to get it ready to take to Moto-Build so they can hopefully do the MoT preparation and i come across the first obstacle.... The clutch won't go down! When i parked her up i left her in gear with the handbrake up, i know your not supposed to leave the handbrake up but she is on a hill and i didn't want her rolling into my mates front door.

Any ideas?

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Some possible ideas for thought, in order of pain.....

Pedal seized up on pivot points - WD40 spray on the seized components inside the car cabin
Clutch release arm seized up where it goes into the gearbox casing - WD40 spray to release
Clutch master cylinder seized, - strip down and rebuild
Slave cylinder seized, - strip down and rebuild
Gearbox clutch internal components seized - gearbox removal and rectification.

When you say clutch won't go down, does the pedal move at all? If so, how much, and how does it feel - stiff or spongey?

My master cylinder was seized, initially it took both feet to press the clutch pedal to get it to move at all. Then I removed and over hauled the cylinder and now it works fine.

I see you have a RV8 fitted, so do I. Which gearbox do you have?  I opted to keep the Stag 4 Speed + overdrive GB.

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Slacken off the bleed nut on the slave cylinder; if you still can't then push the pedal down it's the Master cylinder.

Retighten the bleed nut, then take the slave cylinder off the gearbox and try again. If the pedal moves it's siezed inside the bell-housing, if not it's the slave cylinder.

Hopefully a seal kit will sort this. If a seal has stuck, when you free it the rubber can tear leading to leaking problems in the future if you do not reseal it.

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