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Adjusting the steering lock???


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Hey guys,

I've had my TC for a while now and somethings always annoyed me. I can't turn into a park at any shopping complex because my steering lock is HOPELESS! How can I adjust it to get a better lock.

Its a 1977 2500TC with power steering.

Thanks guys

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Something wrong there - steering lock on these cars (as with most Triumphs) is superb, far better than most modern cars.

Is the steering moving all the way to full lock?  It could be that the thrust bearings at the top of one or both struts is seized, preventing full movement.  The PAS will mask this effect so you might not feel the stiffness with the engine running.  A check worth doing is to ack up the front end and support it on stands, then turn the steering lock to lock without the engine running.  There will be more resistance than a manual rack because you have to displace all the fluid, but excessive stiffness should be obvious.  Also, with the steering at full lock either way, have a look at each front hub carrier and see if the locks are coming up against their stops.  This will be easier with the wheels off.


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