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Steering column ground - where shoul it be


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Hi, my horn has stopped working. I have established with a multimeter that the problem is I have no ground return path through the steering column. Does anyone know how this should be grounded to the chassis as I can't find any obvious way.

Thanks Andy.

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3588 wrote:
the steering colum is earthed through the horn aswell.

No it is not!

On all pre-1976 cars (when the new switchgear was introduced and the horn moved to indicator switch) the steering column must have an earth.
The wire from the horn to the steering column is not an earth; it is the "earth" side of the horn circuit.  When you press the horn button in the middle of the steering wheel it completes the circuit and the horn sounds.
As others have said earlier in this thread, if the either of the earth braids fail (in the steering column UJ or the one joining the rack to the chassis) then the horn stops working.

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I just closed the loop, so to speak, by adding a braided cable to the steering rack's earthing bolt (with the 2 wires already connected to it) from the chassis. That, in turn, is connected by another braided lead to the clutch housing bolt where I have the battery's negative cable directly mounted.
On the other side of the car, I have a direct 10ga wire from the negative battery terminal down to the body where it appeared there was a factory earth connection. From there I ran the factory braided lead straight down to the clutch housing (bellhousing over here) and an additional 10ga wire straight down to the frame/chassis.
Hopefully that bit of overkill has got me covered for any possibility!

Now, if I can just find any of those braided connections you all have been talking about at the u-joints and other points on the steering column.


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