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RBRR Rumour Control - Clubmans Licence NOT required

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Occasionally rumours pop up around the RBRR, some ae genuine misunderstandings, some stem from general ignorance and some are just plain stupid.

Here's one that was a genuine misunderstanding that needs clarifying.

The rumour was that a Motor Sport UK Clubmans Licence was required for anyone taking part in the RBRR.

So, although the organising team were confident this was not the case and a quick read of the regs from the current MS UK year book led us to believe that we were right, we nevertheless contacted MS UK with the specific question.

The response was short and sweet, M&S UK said;

If you run the event as a Touring Assembly under a Certificate of Exemption then there is no Motorsport UK Licence requirement.

It is covered by D5.1.1 members of the public can take part.

We do indeed run the event as a Touring Assembly under a Certificate of Exemption. So, relax a Clubmans License is NOT required for the RBRR.

When the next rumour crops up, raise it with the organising team direct, we will get the facts and let you know what the truth is.



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