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TR7 pictures

A TR7 16V

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The generic pictures of a TR7 on the Wikipedia page are of a none standard car, certainly not in original paint - body colour sills and back panel, US bumper covers on a supposed 1975 UK car, etc. 

While it's clearly a nice car, and I'm sure it's owner loves it very much, I think an encyclopedia entry on the TR7 should show what Triumph intended, not someone's later take on the model.

Hence, has anyone got a set of pictures - front 3/4, side, rear 3/4, etc. - of a good condition car in standard trim and one of the supplied colours?

I think the car should preferably be an early one with the very big filler cap. I don't think it's important which market it is, but I can see an argument it should be US spec, as that was where the model was primarily aimed. If there's both, then I'm sure there's room.

These pictures will need to be uploaded onto Wikimedia, and the copyright issues dealt with. And that's easiest if whoever took the photo uploads it. But given written leave, I can do that if necessary.


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Quoted from vitessesteve-

I have a scans of both the 1976 UK and 1976 USA brochures if that helps.

The problem with those would be proving they aren't copyrighted.

I think there are some rules about some time after publication. But I don't think I understand them or how to get Wikimedia to accept. 

Best solution is pictures we've taken, e.g. of concourse winners. The clubs might have some that they'ed allow for this purpose.


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