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Mk1 Herald engine mounts


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I recently bought a couple of replacement engine mountings for a 1200 Herald (early).

They are not the same (see photo) the new mount is on the left.

The overall height is the same but the amount of rubber is considerably less than the original.   When fitted the engine obviously sits about a ¼” lower and touches the steering pack mount (on the early cars these are solid mounts) and causes serious vibration, since the engine touched the mounts.

Has anyone else found this to be a problem?  If the new mount was thicker (as original) then the top would be clear of the rack mount.  I could file/grind the rack mounts  but this should not really be necessary?

I have refitted the original mounts for now.


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Where did you get those mounts from?

I saw some advertised online and meant to get some - they were photographed and didnt look as shallow as the ones you have got.

Can't remember the website address  :-/ but they did have other triumph stuff too. It wasn't a supplier I had come across before.

That said your 'new' mounts I would send back

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