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Metering Unit Drive Pedestal Fuel leak


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  • 4 weeks later...

A quick update on my Pedestal seal troubles, after having the Pedestal Line bored and fitted with the correct size Phosphor Bronze Bush by an Engineer Mate (Thanks Bernard) together with the fitment of another two new seals the leaking problem is solved

Went for a 10 mile drive and no leaks, in fact with the rebuilt Metering unit and exchange injectors the car ran well and the plugs where a much better colour.

Still seem to have trouble with poor starting though ,

I seem to get sticking injectors even though thet are reconditioned ones, will see how I get on after completing a few more miles, I seem to have spent most of the Summer tinkering with the Car and not driving it ,  

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check if it always starting on the same 5 (or even 4), and swap a few injectors round. Check for the "pulse" in the pipes.

How long until it runs on 6??

Might just be a bit of air trapped in the system. Hold the injector pointing upwards while the engine is running and tap it see if it works.

I would suspect the one-way valves more than the injectors though.

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Mine usually starts on four, and I can hear the fifth and sixth cutting in as it warms up.    I rather like this as an engine ideosyncracy, rather like in knowing the way your likes to be saddled.

The valves in the injectors and from the M/u to the lines are not perfect.  Fuel drains down from some, and the air is relatively slowly pumped out by the tiny volume in each pulse.   Live with it - I do!


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I've had problems with No.2 and No.5 sticking, After the 10 Mile run I gave the car a Wash and leather down,

On restarting with the engine still warm it started on 4 then 5 and eventually 6 after a bit of reving, covered the Mrs car in Black Soot with the Miss-firing though

I suppose I could learn to live with it as part of the quirks of the Lucas PI System, with New Injectors at £70 each I will have too!

I'm sick of spending money on it at the Mo?

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Typical, it is always 2 and 5!

Perhaps that is not so surprising as they are the 2 with the banjo type of one-way valve.

I would still try swapping the injectors on 2 and 5 for those of 1 and 6, see if it makes a difference.

I suspect not, and if the rebuild is recent on the MU then have a word with the rebuilder about the valves

My Mk2 PI was always a "start on 4" but has now become a "start on 6 even if left for weeks) car after swapping of bits until I nailed it.

The TR6 is also a "start on 5 or 4 on a bad day" car. First step to solving this weekend with its recon MU going on.


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I will have to try swopping the injectors over then Colin to see if it is a dodgy injector?

When we re-fitted everything after sorting the Pedestal, Nos 2 & 5 took the longest to bleed through, Is this due to the Banjo connection?

We did also have to recrimp No.2 Injector pipe at the Metering unit Banjo connection due to damage to the nylon pipe?

My mate made up a piece of soft wood with a hole to re-crimp the connection and we took the banjo and pipe off to do this?

I went for a 10 Mile drive after though, with the car running well on all 6, the plug colour was the same on all cylinders, a very light beige colour which I thought might be slightly weak, although checking with a colour tune showed it to be about right.

I'm away for the weekend again and then back to work Monday, so will try and have a look over the Bank Holiday weekend?

Never a dull moment with a TR5     

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