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What is wrong with Becky's gearbox?

Toledo Man

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While doing the HCR I noticed a few things wrong with Becky's gearbox.

It would sometimes drop out of 5th into neutral.
When in 5th the lever would move forward on the overrun and would move backwards when the power was put back on.
There was a grinding sound in 5th below 3000 rpm (same problem to a lesser extent in 1st)

I've already picked Barry McGrath's brains and the last thing he suggested was to change the gearbox oil before doing any major work.

What are your thoughts?

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Job done!

What a struggle but I got there in the end. Just need to recheck the lower suspension arm bolts and anti-roll bar nuts now that Becky's front end is back "down to Earth" and she's now back in daily use. Better than before.

Barry, I am forever in your debt (for now!)

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