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Front hub oil seal


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Be careful here as alot of the new felt seals around today are not correct.  The metal backing ring is suposed to tap into the hub leaving the felt pointing towards the vertical link, however, they are often too big and absolutely will not fit.  Then if you do manage to get it to fit into the hub, the felt part is too thick and makes it very hard to set the bearing end float correctly.  I usually re-use the old metal backing ring and glue about 2/3 the thickness of the new felt to it.


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Nicks spot on, they are toooo big, just cannot set hub up with them,.

best discard the metal bit, and just use the felt bit,
it cant go any where,as it sits in a ..hollow..

I used all the felt, and let it ..bed in..  it squashes doon a bit after a while, so making a good seal

rgds  Marcus

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