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Rear leaf spring - option?


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My rear leaf spring (rotoflex MK3) is looking pretty shabby and i started to wonder what my options are as a replacement?
When i do refurb the rear suspension i would like to make it firmer and sportier and although theres plenty of options on dampers i haven't seen much written about spring upgrades.

I remember seeing something on 'An MG is born' about parabolic springs????
Can't recall much about the spring or the benefits? Think the major plus was the fact that it wasn't a three leaf design so you didn't get any annoying squeaks and it didn't soften as much over time.
Also seen the composite springs but i don't think i fancy paying £450

Any ideas?

Thanks - Andy

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Why not simply use a Vitesse mk 11 rear spring as it strong than the GT one - the Vitesse spring has eleven leafs - can't remeber the spring rating now - there's also the Hearld Estate spring (spring rating 550 lbs) - but thats is probably a little hard in a GT6 for normal road use.

A tip with the Vitesse spring you can invert say leaf number 4 & 6 (from the top) to remove some of the camber out of the spring - anyway worked for me on my racer car - you'll need longer diff studs though (Vitesse mk11)

Have no exprience of parabolic/composite springs but the key to making the GT6 handle is up the front - sounds an expensive load of parabolic's too me!!!!

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