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I had a twilight race a couple of weekends ago, that started at 1730, so we had to show our lights on track.
I was embarrassed to find that of the two left headlights, the outer was rather dim, while the inner, full beam light was fine.
I had to race on sides, which is a different story.

On investigation, I found that the earth wire had failed, completely separated from its connector far back in the loom, where it joined the earths from the other front lights.
So both lights on that side were earthless - but they still worked!   One not very well, but it was alight.
There can be no earth through the bonnet - it's GRP.

How is this possible? One light could, I suppose, find an earth through the other, but both at once?   Full beam, Vitesse-style?

All corrected now and working well, of course.   I should have checked the lights before, especially as I knew of the special race regulation.
Many classic car drivers  only use them in good weather and day time.   How long since you checked yours?


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you should have tried reversing the situation with the lights on the other side to see if they presented the same condition.
there 'must' have been an earth somewhere or the lights could be wired in series but this would reduce the output of all of them a bit like fairy lights.

could you draw a rough schematic of the wiring connections as i'm curious now.LOL

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