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Just bought A 1969 Bond Equipe 2ltr a few weeks ago and I have just finished the front end and have just got round to the looking at the rear.

As this is my first Trumph/Bond I was looking at the rear spring whilst I was replacing the rear brakes and saw ther was a rather large air gap between the spring and the mounting on the diff unit, it looks around 2 inches or so.

The previous owner said it had been lowered and with some long bolts I have the original studs and nuts. If I replce the long bolts it should lift the car up again and give me suspension travel but will it touch the diff and/or do I need to get a block to go under the spring?

Is this gap correct or is there a lowering block missing? ther is no banging noises as such just no or very little suspension movement. is this what they call a swing spring?

It has rotoflex with spax telescopic dampers

With this gap I would have thought there would be a lot of loud bangs and crashes but I have more noise from the front drivers side than drom the rear.

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are you saying that the spring was not attached to any thing, bar the  studs!!!

were you driving it with an air gap,!!!!  

me thinks this is an attempt by some

one to invent a new type of ..SWING SPRING.. ;D ;D ;D ;D

regards Marcus

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Well I finally pulled my self away from work and attacked the bond with a vengence this weekend as the sun was shining.

First was that rear suspension, took the rear seat out and had a proper look, as I first thought no spacer inbetween the spring and diff just bolts holding it in mid air, poking through the access hole and banking on the floorpan, good job I only went round the block in it. so I refittes the original studs and new nuts and washers and it is now back to normal. no noises from the rear all nice and quite and it doesnt ride on the bump stops.

Some people have no Idea.

Next job remove the towbar easy job as there was no siezed nuts, Blimy what a weight it will go a lot faster now.

Freed off the bonnet adjusters, fitted some new bonnet cones and adjusted the bonnet as best as it will go, panel gaps are as wide as the river Humber

Sealed the front windscree. fitted new front carpets, freed of the rear brakes, fitted new shoes, fitted front pads. four new tyres (just had them kicking around in the garage the are low profiles and came of my sons car).
Freed of the heater valve, was expecting that to leak but so for it is water tight, got the electric cooling fan working. resecured the exhaust,
Finally got gthe passenger door to open, whish I hadn't as the door is rotten around the bottom hinge.

Oh and for good measure I got the interior cleaned from all the grime colected over the years, just to change the Les leston steering wheel as it has been welded on the alloy spokes and the leather is poor.

Phew what a busy weekend.

Next is the body work, first the LH rear out rigger has a small hole by the bolt, the front floor pans look like Nottingham lace and the holes from the towbar to glass over, then it is the Gell coat and the large cracks and a paint.

at that time I will need a rear screen as it has a large crack in the top right hand corner.

Sory no pics, dirty hands and a new camera do not go well together.


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