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best tyres company I ever dealt with!


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...and on a happier note, without typing too much as I gotta shoot off to work, I've had (another) very good experience with 'Camskill'.

They not only beat everyone elses' prices but the delivery was spot on and all in all this company are VERY pro.

If anyone's after tyres ring them on  01946-518202 and ask for Brian, mention Simon the drummer from Cardiff!

I do NOT work for them and am not on a commision!


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got some tyres for the MR2 from them last week very good and nobody could beat their price on Toyo's.

I need to put four new tyres on my new one. (Username might give you a clue what it is?)   Think I want 175/70/R13 but I've no idea what tyre manufacture or model.
Anybody got any suggestions?

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What do you want from the tyre?

Good cornering, braking performance, low noise levels, lower fuel consumptiom, long life, good with accelaration?

Is it for road use and if son what kind? Urban, motorway etc? or is it track day use?

Just a few things to think about.

In short tho buy the best brand you can and get it set to the correct pressures

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I am looking for new tyres for my GT6, either 175/60/15 or 185/55/15.  Noise and handling are important to me, not that concerned about tyre life or fuel consumption as I drive it cos I like it not because it make financial sense.

Thinking Toyo Proxies, partly cos I like the look.

Any comments?

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Yeah I know what you mean.  On the plus side I have a rotoflex car so the camber change should not be quite so bad.

At the moment they have 205/50/15 on the rear so that is one big reason I want to change!  I think 175/60/15s should make quite a difference.  One way to find out I guess.

I notice the TSSC sell 175/70/14 which I assume fit a GT6/spitfire with no problems.

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Looking for Fuel economy and handling, something with a stiff side wall. Not really used to tyres as tall as 175/70/r13. I'm used 195/50/R15 and know all about the tyres you can get in this size. the 175/70/R13 seem to have a more limited premium range. I like the Toyo T1R but in this size can only get F8s or 350s

Guess I'm trying to chose between
Dunlop SP30
Contintal eco Contact
pirelli p3000
Toyo F8 or 350

As long as I can get all 4 for £200 to £250  

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