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MKII 2000 Estate Wheels - again


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Just an update on my wheel findings over the past week.

Ordered some 15" x 6", 5 spokes from SCP Limited (thanks Tim for the number), who admitted they'd never supplied them for an 2000 MKII estate before, but I didn't think they'd be a problem.

However, just to be safe, I had only one fitted with a 195/60R15 tyre and trial fitted on the rear. Much to my dismay, it protruded out too far and the outer edge of the tyre was level with the outer edge of the wheel arch.

A call to Revolution said they should be OK, and a call to Chris Witor said they may have sent me a set with the incorrect backspace. So I did a quick experiment. My old 2500TC saloon (survivor of the 2002 RBRR) is sadly decaying outside, but it has a set of Stag alloys on it. Took a wheel off that and put it onto the rear of my estate, then did a comparison of the same wheels on the two cars. Some rough measurements in the cold and dark of Tuesday night seemed to show that the Stag alloy on my estate is about 15 mm closer to the wheel arch, than on the saloon, enough to make the Revolutions protrude too much.

Some even more rough measurements seem to show that the rear width of the estate is narrower than the MKII saloon. I know the rear of the estate is basically a MKI estate, but with the wider track MKII trailing arms, does this mean you have a lot less tolerance when it comes to aftermarket wheel fitting?

The Revolutions are on their way back tomorrow - thanks to Warren at SCP for being so understanding. Does anyone out there have any 15" alloys on their estate, without body modifications? If so where did you get them from?


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As far as I know the rear 'inner arches' of the saloon and estate Mk1 or Mk2 are identical. What can change is the alignment of the rear subframe that can make for more clearance on one side than the other.

I have had 7 x 15 Compomotive wheels fitted to a Mk2 and Mk1 and had to remove the arch lips to make them fit on a Mk2 and then subsequently again on the Mk1.

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