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I know, I know - Wheels the controversial subject

2500 Stiffler

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So, there are some Mitsubishi Galant wheels I have my eye on, but they are 17 inch and I am not sure if:

a)  they will fit (although presumably they will with the low profile tyres)

b)  they'll look any good at all (probably too "gappy", exposing feeble brakes etc)

c)  The ride will go out the window sat on 215/45 tyres instead of 175/80s!!

I'd appreciate any thoughts from some who may have fitted similar, but don't want to get into the "originality" and "period look" debate as it was done to death a while back.

My immediate thought is not to get them...but they are a bargain!  And they're the right PCD etc.

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Some advice, when I was looking at wheels you need to look at 3 things and they are.

1. Offset
2. Offset
and 3. Offset

Find a tyre/wheel comparer online and put in the relevant data, remember standard wheels are 14 x 5.5 with a 28mm offset.

I recommend this one http://www.rims-n-tires.com/rt_specs.jsp

All you need to do is put in the values for the rim and tyre combo you want to try and viola, instant no hassle comparisons. No dirty hands or anything!

It will even work out your rolling diameter so you don't need your speedo recalibrated!


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Thanks Mike - I was using the mintylamb website equivalent, but wasn't sure of offset.  It doesnt always make that obvious.  So while the 17" beast Mitsubishi wheels with 215/45 tyres give almost identical rolling radius etc, the offset might make them incompatible.

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It  is a possibilty, theres a heck of a lot of jap stuff with the same stud pattern as the triumph, so your bound to find something close enough. Last resort you could fit some longer studs and use spacers.

I just didn't want you to waste your time and money on wheels that would give you clearance issues. Been there done that, got the T Shirt !

I ended up going via a specialist like Chris Witor and got some new wheels instead that I knew would fit bang on. Not the cheapest option tho......

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I should add that I am being "encouraged" not to look at any more wheels by Mrs 2500 S, as I have the Stag/S wheels on the car, the 13" 4 spokes (that nobody seems to want...) and the Rover wheels to try out.

Apparently I have better things do spend my money/take up space in the shed!

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