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HELP HELP Triumph Stag Alloy Wheels, WHAT WILL FIT


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Not you :D

It wasn't a criticism, either (shernderson)! God forbid anyone take it that way :D

By the way Adam, would just like to say your Stag is beautiful! Loverly piece of kit and I like the new steering wheel! Really is a shiner  8)  ;D

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Thanks guys.


I'm in Birmingham, and the bumpers are in my garage - they are quite scruffy and would let the rest of the car down so I thought I'd see if I like it without them.  I do - it gives it an aggresive look.  Not everyone likes it though.

The interior of yours is as good as the outside.  There can't be many Stags in Roscommon - my father has a PI estate in Bangor in the north, not many of those over there either.


Correct - 3.5 EFI - the bonnet bulge (from a MK I 2000) is there so the bonnet clears the plenum.  I prefer the look without a bulge but can't have it both ways without chopping the inlet manifold etc and compromising performance.



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I have 15" x 5.5  black "minilights" from Midland Wheels (http://www.midlandwheels.com/frameset.asp) Bought them at Stoneleigh 3 years ago where MWS always seem to have a stall. They have special show prices and delivery was very quick (bought Sunday - arrived Tuesday morning) and ridiculously cheap at £5!!
You will have to research tyre sizes as there are not that many available that keep the original rolling diameter for 15" wheels. 205 section tyres on 7" rims could really **** up the handling. Stag suspension is designed around tyres with round shoulders, and fitting very wide, ultra-low profile tyres will not go with the standard suspension set up.
I have 195/65 on my 15"-ers, which is a slightly smaller diameter than standard, but I have a 3.45:1 ratio diff to compensate. These combined with poly bushes all round have firmed up the suspension considerably and some have commented that it has ruined the Stag ride, but I am happy with it. I certainly wouldn't want to go to tyres with any lower profile. Picture below was taken when I had 195/60 tyres fitted and they were TOO small.


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