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Fitting Aluminium Radiator Valances!


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Dear all,

A bit of a silly question, but how would you go about fitting these Radiator valances?

I have a set of aluminium valances which appear to have 1 elongated hole on a lip and 3 on the straight side.

Would it be a case of drilling the radiator bracket and fitting these on? The cardboard valances (which aren't serviceable) on another bracket I have appear to have been riveted on.

Would this require drilling a hole in my chassis rails as well, I would rather not do this to be honest.

Please excuse the bad photo..it was taken with my camera phone in poor lighting conditions and I think my blue bonnet confused it!

Kind regards,


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There should be small rivet style holes in the sides of the radiator cradle that these mount to. Mine already had these so I presume they were originally for the cardboard ones. The holes on the lip I'm not sure about. I made my own valances from quite thick alloy and they didn't need any extra attachment points!

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