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Finally have had to sort the water pump on my dolomite sprint engine. The oil leak was bad enough but when it started chucking out water as well it had to be done.
Pulling it apart the oil seal had moved up the cage which explains the oil leak.
My question to all you knowledgable folk out there is which way round should the oil seal be fitted ?  I thought that the side with the spring round it goes against the bearing so facing down this one was fitted the other way round which would explain the leak and the seal moving.
I have looked at the exploded dia which doesn't make it clear, so thought I should check before rebuilding it.
The seal is No 148501 on the dia.
Thank you in advance for any help.


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Hi Beans, just reading through your blog looks like you had the same problem as me with the oil seal moving away from the bearing. Did you have any further problems with this or is it just a case of making sure it's seated properly.

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Sorting the oil leak indeed was only a matter of seating the oil seal properly.

And maybe it is not clear in the pictures in my blog but the oil seal should indeed be fitted in the normal way.
So with the "sealing" side facing down towards the pumps' gear.

The thin steel water thrower together with th ebig slot should prevent any leaking water from entering into the engine

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