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David Embery and/or Kevin Caine - please get in touch with me

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I'm tidying up the entry data and have noticed that there's an entry for you two gents in a Spitfire Mk2 that is sat waiting for payment but also, looks like you're got three crew! The main entrant is showing as Nigel Gair (who I am driving the event with and who doesn't own a Spitfire).

Anyway, something's gone screwy and your entry's got confused with Nigel's, as such I don't have any contact details for you guys so I'd appreciate it if you could get in touch - mainly because at the moment, this entry is unpaid and going to get cancelled.

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Hi Jason

I know David Embery and Kevin Cain very well. David Embry is the TSSC local coordinator for the TSSC Shropshire group. They have entered the MK2 "Shropshire Spitfire" which was given to the group some 10 years ago by a local Shropshire resident. The Shropshire group have been restoring it with plans to ultimately sell it to raise funds for the Severn hospice in Telford. They approached me some time ago asking if there's any chance of them doing the RBRR but the list was already full and had a substantial reserve list. 

Are you saying that their entry has now been accepted and if they make the payment they can take part? The car is still an awful long way off from being completed so I'm unsure if it'll be even nearly ready.. I'll call David now and tell him you'd like to chat. 

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