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steve leckey

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Finally got my car back on the road after a trip to the paint shop took three years lol didn't really want it back at the time with going through cancer with Dad .My engine before I took in was just your usual none modified mk 3 72 gt6.Have now been checking things over and have done a compression check which I don't really know how to interpret the figures so need a bit of help guys .
Dry figure
1 115
2 105
3 110
4 95
5 105
6 110
Wet figure
1 150
2 130
3 130
4 125
5 125
Can you give you opinion guys car pulls well ticks over well and no blue smoke

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The "Wet" test will not raise compression if there is a valve fault, so no sign of that.

Dry 115 105 110   95 105 110
Wet 150 130 130 125 125 125
Diff  _35 _25 _20 _30 _20 _15

As you can see the increases are about the same.     Ideally all compressions should be the same across the block.  That you have a range of 20 and one outlier at No.4 is probaly just a slightly worn engine.
I'd do nothing, but go out and enjoy your Triumph!


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