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Hi again,

My Mk3 spit has a dolomite engine in it - I knew this, however just thought i'd do some investigation and I can confirm it is a DH prefix engine number which unfortunately means it is from the rwd 1300 dolly and not the fwd twin carb as i had hoped.

So my question is what are the spec differences between the dolly engine now it's fitted with twin HS2's and the correct spec Mk 3 1300 engine.  Is the head, compression ratio etc the same?

Thanks in advance,


PS: You're right in thinking i want to work out if i have less power and then how to amend this woeful situation.

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Got a DH engine in my Spit 1500.

Have never gotten round to confirming it for sure, but I understand this to have been rebuilt as a 1500 engine i.e. with 1500 crank and 1500 head etc.  ITs defo got a 1500 head so this is most likely the case as a 1300 would not run great with the 1500 head (and this engine goes very well indeed!!!).

You'll want to check the part number on the head to confirm what it is - its feasible a Spitfire head thats on it.... could be a bit of a pick'n mix job like mine.


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