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Brake Calipers


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Hi All,

The Brakes on the Stag are starting to degenerate and the back ones seem to be doing all the work. I put new pads in last year and the pistons were very difficult to squeeze back to get the pads out so I think the time has come to replace them.

I don't have enough ability to replace the pistons and seals myself and so the best option would be to replace the calipers.

Any ideas as to the part number and where to source a new set? Generally they seem to be fetching over £100 and are all exchange, as my abilities are limited and with young kids and a clock watching wife werever cars are inviolved, I don't want to be time restricted to having to get the old ones off and away or loose a deposit.

Also is this a difficult job or would I be better off sticking her into a garage somewhere?

Any help gratefully received.



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Should'nt take more than 1/2 a day to change. Most traders are reasonably leniant regarding exchange time. Check with them before buying.

Do change both at the same time as you may find the car pulling to one side if you only do one at a time. Explain to the wife that she'll be getting some money back into the family finances with the return of the surcharge.  ;)

I would also change the flexible hoses unless they have been renewed fairly recently.

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