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Good one phil. :)

It's more likely that you have a straight six!
What is the engine number? This is stamped on a flat section of the cylinder block at the join with the cylinder head on the nearside of the engine (ie the same side as the distributor and fuel pump.) It will start with two letters then some numbers and possibly end with HE or HEBW.


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The HS6's were fitted to the later 2000 Saloons with a long branch inlet.

Fitting HS6's was a common/popular upgrade in the 80's/90's as anyone who has an old TriumphTune catalogue will know.

Post a picture of the engine/carbs and we'll let you know.

As Colin says its in the engine serial number. If it starts with K its a GT6, if it starts with M its a 2000/2.5 and if it starts with H its a Vitesse.

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