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Spin on oil filter


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Finally got around to installing the spin on oil filter I bought years ago. Internet investigation suggested a Z89a filter which is a short one to fit the tight confines of the GT6 engine bay.
After much swearing and re-shaping of the brake lines the assembled unit fitted in the space, BUT, it would not sit evenly in the groove when tightened! The adapter fitted in the groove evenly without the filter attached.(no left over rubber seal in the groove).
I noticed a "scratch" on the engine block. Turns out that the Z89a filter I have was touching the block and would not let the adapter fully seat in the groove.
A Z418 has a much smaller diametre and clears the engine block. It is also shorter thus giving alot more room to install. Guess I will just have to change the filter more often!

Perhaps these larger diameter filters are the cause of some of the leaks I have read about on the internet??

Happy motoring!!

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thats nowt,   mark it in situ, then nipp it up int vice a wee bit

other suggestion is to get a filter for a Reliant, think its a Robin.
these are very shallow, and allow the adapta to sit verticle.
with out hitting the chassis rails.


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Notes:Autopartoo.com only serves for Mass purchasing. For personal buyers, some B2C sites are recommended.
Main Info Application
Picture of: C108/606
CHAMPION C108/606 Oil Filter
Replacement No. (Total:73)

    CLEAN ...DO248
get more for free('66')
this is the one im on about, may be of intrest to others woe have their filters set at a jaunty angle.
I used to use thee,s before I modded my take off.

Application & Descripition


    Filter Type
    Height [mm]60
    Outer Diameter [mm]75
    Inner Diameter [mm]70
    Thread Size3/4"x16



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Thanks M,
I will keep this info for the next filter change.

I didn't want to squash the filter because it needed a good 5 mm reduction and that much may have disturbed the join between the side wall and the base causing the filter to leak.


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