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Good Morning

A speculative, and largely ignorant query if you'll indulge me.

I guess the starting point here is that I've always wanted to own a Vitesse convertible, indeed I got within a whisker of having it as my first car (although a Talbot Sunbeam prevailed for some long forgotten reason).
I'm now in the position of being able to pursue this, I've got a company car for the week and would be purely looking at having the Vitesse as a fun weekend runaround, probably accumulating no more than 3k miles in a year.

The "confession" part here is that I've neither got any real ability (or interest to be truthful) in the the hands-on side of ownership (dismantling / rebuilding / renovating etc etc) and as such I'm looking for something "ready made" that will require minimum "work" of the type described above - I'd not look to totally wash my hands of smaller scale, unskilled work!!!

Am I being unrealistic in my expectations? Will purchasing a car that's over 40 years of age be totally unsuitable for someone of my limited abilities? Would a vehicle such as:


be an suitable option, or would the "customised" nature of it (engine particularly) bring with it it's own issues? The price is certainly a "stand out" one, but is the premium worthwhile in light of my ramblings above?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Feel free to ask away!

That car looks quite tasty, though on the whole in your position it may well be best to go for something standard. Modifications tend to result in further mods and so it goes on.
Worthwhile getting any car properly inspected, the cost will be outweighed by peace of mind, and locate a good specialist for when it does need something fixing. (and the obvious question, where are you located?)

Plenty of us started with limited knowledge and ability. For some we haven't progressed very much ;D whilst others are now experts. But there are plenty of people such as yourself, who with the support of a local group can undertake a variety of tasks, farming out more complicated work.
So, yes, buy a good car, use it and go along to a local group :)

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I'd have to agree with Clive, it's a very nice car but with so many changes you may find it difficult to get the right replacement parts and some parts could be unique to that vehicle!

I'd look for a standard car with useful upgrades eg electronic ignition, electric fan, alternator, servo brakes and also overdrive.

But above all get someone to come with you who has knowledge of them as there are a lot of nice looking one out there which are dreadful underneath!

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