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rocker cover gasket


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I was shown a copy of Practical Classics the other day and in it is a question about Acclaim rocker cover gaskets. They supply a phone number for a company who sell to the trade - Elring 0191 469 5678. they reckon it'd be about a tenner. I'm probably going to give them a call at some point to get one for myself. If anyone else is interested let me know, it could work out a tad cheaper buying a few.

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if anyones having trouble getting a new rocker gasket (or head set) don't forget to try asking for a suzuki jimny one instead, theyre far easier to find and identical for the key components. Did my acclaim head gasket with one of these and had no problems, only bits that arent compatible in the full set were the carb gaskets.  I emailed practical classics with this info when I saw that question, but not sure if they printed it  as I missed the next few issues.
I wonder how similar to an acclaim the rest of the jimny mechanicals are? possibilities for sourcing other mechanical components perhaps, or even a 4wd acclaim!

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