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vitesse oil from filler cap


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Hi All

Just bought my first classic cars after many years of wanting!
Mk1 2lit Convertible Vitesse , solid and exciting.

Its been into a classic car garage for a service and mechanic tells me its all A! for 48 years old, wish I was!

I get a small show of oil from the oil filler cap on top of the rocker cover which also shows on the underside of the bonnet.
Mechanic says engine is in great condition and pulls  very well with no smoke when hot or cold.

Any ideas on how to stop the leak if possible would b e greatly appreciated

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Is the rocker breather pipe correctly fitted? Plus the emissions valve all OK? There is a rubber diaphragm and spring and plate inside thye valve, easy to check
and it could be the mesh behind the breather inside the rocker box is gunked up. You cant see this part, it is enclosed but a bit of gentle persuasion can get it out to be washed in thinners/white spirit/jetwashed etc

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I have checked the emission valve and it all seems ok. Spring working and rubber diaphragm still flexible .

I went to Mercedes world today and there was a MK 1 2 litre Vitesse at the classic car show.
It was a year younger than mine but had a different set up with regards pipework around the emission valve.
The pipe from the bottom of mine goes straight down to the chassis and is just left open ended.
I get a small amount of oil now every time I use it seeping out of this pipe.

On this other car it did feed back into the manifold but mine does not have this facility.

Thanks Paul

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If you have the "flying saucer" PCV valve, it has to be connected to the inlet manifold (on the engine side of the carbs) in order to work.  This is because it uses the manifold vacuum to suck gases from the engine.  Without this connection, the engine is simply venting the pressure produced by blow-by through this valve.  In fact I think it will be resisting the venting which, probably explains why you are getting leakage from the cap as well.

You need to re-instate this connection somehow.  Failing that, removing the PCV valve and using a length of 1/2" rubber hose and a catch tank will probably work better than what you have at present.


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