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Wax oil after full respray


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Hi all good evening

I've just had my old girl resprayed and she looks fantastic the only thing that let her down now is the old wheels but they can wait till next year as I'm skint now.

My question is how long would you wait before wax oiling the car after the spray job. The guy at the spray shop said the 2 pack paint should be hard enough now but it's only been painted 3 days ago. I'm a little worried I might ruin the paint if I do it this early.

Further to this I've been advised when I do wax oil the to mix it with EP90 gear oil and diesel any thoughts on that?

Many thanks

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EP90 and Waxoyl?
Only if you have a permanent cold - it'll smell awful!

Older styles of paintwork needed time to fully harden, but 2-pack is like an epoxy, or glass fibre.   It undergoes a chemical reaction to 'dry', and will be fully reacted as the expert says.


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If you want to do a decent job on your wheels DON'T hand paint them with silver Hammerite. The stuff is useless and chips off. You're better off with the pound shop rattle cans (I especially recommend the grey primer). Just clean, prime and paint the wheels. Check out the episode of Wheeler Dealers Trading Up where Mike Brewer smartens up the steel wheels on the Saab when he is in Sweden. Another tip I read in Classics Monthly was to get some cheap playing cards and wedge them between the tyre and the rim (working around the circumference of the rim) and this had the effect of avoiding getting overspray on the tyres. Powder coating the wheels is an option and gives a nice finish but as Barry McGrath found out with Rupert, it needs to be removed where the wheel nuts come into contact with the wheel because there's no friction with the powedercoated surface and the wheel nuts work loose.

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Yea was going to have the wheels done by an expert but thanks for the powder coating tip that could come in handy when I get them done.

Yea I thought the smell was going to be horrible but was advised that rust would be a thing of the past with that trick.
Next weeks job then is a good old wax oil session. Let's hope the horrible gritters stay away till she's in bed and wax oiled for winter  

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I fear someone is pulling your chain.
If a product is sold and promoted as antirust treatment, why would it need the addition of an obnoxious substance such as EP90?
People used to spray the underside of their cars with a mixture of old engine oil and gear oil, in Ye Olden Dayes, and do it every time they changed the oil!  VERY messy, and VERY bad for the environment.  

Waxoyl IS a bit stiff and doesn't flow well 'au naturel'.  It's in the name "WAX", so that it stays onboard and doesn't drip off.    Keeping the tin in a bucket of hot water can help, esp. at this time of year, or else thin it a bit with white spirit.  That WILL smell and evaporate, but quickly, and it'll be gone in a day or two.  

LOTS of newspaper on the floor as esp. with white spirit you can expect few drips, and Waxoyl is VERY slippery!   You can always scrape up the overflows and pop them back in the tin!


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