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TR4- Massive, rapid oil loss!


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Hi folks,

I got back from college today after 10 weeks, yanked the roof off my '4 and went straight out for a blast yesterday afternoon... My dad had been out in it on Monday so I wasn't as restrained as I might have been.

I pulled up to visit my grandmother, hopped out of the car and noticed a sizeable amount of oil was now adorning the car park of the 'retirement flats' she lives in. I was pretty sure this was a new problem and the oil pressure guage was still raised so I decided to risk the 5 minute drive home (as I didn't want to get stuck there...). Anyway, as I drove home, the oil pressure was decreasing with acceleration (As you might expect with a big leak) but i made it back with oil left in her. `The drain plug still seemed to be intact.

Anyway, after leaving the car for about an hour to cool and allow the oil to drain back down, I checked the dipstick and there was literally nothing there- a glance at the floor revealed that what little oil there was left in the beast was now giving our driveway a nice sheen!

So- I'm going to get underneath tomorrow and see if I can locate the problem- it's on the oil filter side of the engine, so I'll check to see if that's loose, but beyond that, does anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue might be? The MOT is on Monday and she's fine apart from this issue.


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