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Rocker cover is a favourite spot, but if you are sure it isn't that, there are sometimes leaks from the rear of the head to block joint (head gasket), in the nearside corner, due to the oilway up to the rocker gear which is in that corner.  Can be a similar looking effect from general weepage on that side of the head gasket running back to that corner.

There is also a oil-way plug in the back of the head (on nearside) which looks like an ordinary hex head bolt with a copper washer.  Might be worth checking it's tight/has a copper washer though I reckon this is a long-shot.

Slightly leaky head gasket is the most likely.  I'd ignore it unless it's a big leak (rare) or you have other reasons to lift the head.  Triumphs do like to mark their territory.....

If you give that area a good clean and take it for a short drive the source should become a bit more obvious.



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