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Herald 13/60 Oil Seals Help


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A stupid question for you

I am restoring my triumph herald and i am new to mechanics. I am putting my suspension back together and ordered some new oil seals for the front hubs and they came as a retainer and a felt seal all as one but the retainer will not sit in the rear of the hub as its diameter is too large.
The old seals appear to be a separate retainer and separate felt should i just cut the felt off the new one and stick it in place in the old retainer?

Also should the felt face in towards the bearings (inside the hub) or face away from the hub into the vertical link? (This is the way it was i think) I cant see in any of my manuals which way round it goes and have been told many different things.

Please help!!

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The original seal would have been supplied as a single item with the felt bonded to the metal ring - it's normal for them to become two separate parts in use. The correct way to fit the seal is with the metal portion facing in towards the bearing, the felt turns against the machined face of the vertical link. Some of the factory literature is incorrect in the way this is illustrated, but if you think about it, this is the only way the felt seal can ever work effectively.
I have heard that some of the currently available seals are not a great fit, but my understanding was that they do not seat positively rather than being too large - I've not yet handled one of these to find out what the overall problem might be.
One possible complication - there are different seal between the disc and drum braked cars, the disc braked seals have a felt section whicjh protrudes no more than a couple of mm above the metal lip, the drum braked seal is around 6mm deep. Check that your seals are correct for your setup.

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