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Oil Recommendations and Advice


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Oil advice and recommendations here!

As the title says, put your oil questions here and we'll be happy to help.

The Year, model, engine and style of driving (road/track) is important so give as much information as possible so that we can give you an accurate answer.

Looking forward to being of assistance



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The 20w-50 is fine, once you have turbo'd it then why not upgrade the oil to a semi synthetic, these are still 100% mineral base, use a 15w-50, it will give you better cold flow (is the turbo oil cooled?) to help protect the turbo from cold, semi synthetics also have a better additive pack then a bog standard mineral multigrade so all round it would do a better job.



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Hi  oilman

Which grade of oil do you recommend in general for 60's & 70's Triumphs for normal/fast road use.

Also which oil is best for overdrive gearboxes

I reckon 20/50 for the engine and gl4 spec gear oil but would like to hear any opinions you may have on this

Thanks :)

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