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Cheap Carb Heat Shield ? No Laughing!!!!


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Hi all,  After having a couple of carb overheating problems when coming to a stop in traffic i decided id make a Heat Shield. The First attempt was just to see if it made a difference. No laughing at this picture as it actually worked and stopped my car cutting out.

Yes its tin foil and it was just wrapped round and squeezed by hand to fit snug round the float boat and no it didnt fly off when driving.

After this success i decided to look at this more. Ive seen the stainless ones and alloy ones on ebay and Canleys and thought to my self:
1. Im not paying £10-£30 plus postage for that
2. I bet i can make a better one.(ha ha)

So i did, its not pretty but it has done an unbelievably good job and all for £2.50 courtesy of ASDA.
Ok here is the Purchased item:

This is a large foil tray and it came in a two pack for £2.50. This was ideal as its very pliable yet will stand under its own weight as the rim reinforces it. Here it is with the four stud holes cut and inlet trimmed out. I placed a gasket on each side of it for a good seal and then ran my knife around the inlet hole to make sure that the holes match the inlet hole other wise you will cause a restriction and lose mpg and bhp. Its funny but if you fit new gaskets to your manifold i would recommend you try this as you wont believe the 1-2mm rim that is blocking your inlet. Dont believe me go Check yours!!!!

Here is the item loosely fitted.

I then fitted the carbs and reformed the shape to fit nice and cut the holes necessary for my early spit type throttle linkage.

Now most people would stop there as the ones on sale do, however i noticed that hot air could still come from the radiator round to the air filters. So i cut my second tray in half and folded the cut edge one inch back on its self and fastened it to the rad support frame. Its not Pretty but it really works well.

This is it finished, this came about because i got bored while waiting for the metal to turn up to make my cold airbox and this is the result. I much cooler carbed Spit.

Please feel free to post your comments and lets see if you can make one this effective for £2.50????

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