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Please Contact Steve direct email and phone number below

From: steve@s4b-shredding.co.uk
I have a Spitfire 1500.

When at tick over at a  junction with the gear lever in first and the clutch pedal down, engine goes out gear as it should.  After about 15 seconds, the gear gradually engages causing the engine to stall.  Obviously this is not right.
Can you offer a prognosis on this matter?
Kind regards
Steve Rham
07818 416744

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From your description I think you may have a problem with the clutch hydraulics leaking past the  seals. Are you losing fluid? Check for fluid dripping from the bellhousing, or leaking from the pedal end of the master cylinder. I believe it may also be possible for the fluid to pass the master cylinder seals internally: giving the same trouble, but no fluid loss.
                                                                       Best of luck with this,

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