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I recently got a MkII Vitesse and got it through it's MOT, but the rear carb seems to be slowly leaking petrol, when stationary and idling.
We recently ran it until we ran out of petrol (faulty fuel gauge  :'( ), or this could have been an effect of the carb.

Could crud from the tank be causing this? If so, how do I unblock it.


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It can be caused by dirt under the float needle, often a symptom of running out of petrol as this tends to draw in any rust or crud sat in the bottom of the tank. It's an easy job but you might need a new gasket so buy one before you start. There are other causes such a a punctured float or even just a loose screw holding the float bowl.

I would recommend getting yourself a workshop manual if you're at all unsure of how to strip and re-set the carb, it also shouldn't cost too much for a garage to do it for you.

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Has often happened to my GT6!
I put a fuel filter in just before the carbs.
Under the carb - undo the six screws, catch the petrol in a bowl.
Have a new gasket or else you are sure to damage the old one (not so crucial as the fuel should not fill to that level - bit it drips on the exhaust so better safe!).
I unclip the plastic float.  The float arm pushes a little 'plunger'.  Use a socket to undo this.  Give it a good clean - I blow through it, but it doesn't taste nice!
I have read that the float can fill up and not float, so worth checking it is ok and free.

Good luck

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It has happened to me many a time, fuel gage broken and i let it run too low and yes it is the grit at the bottom of the tank for me. Each time i undo the 3 screws holding the top of the rear carb on. Take that off the car, take the float off and there is a little rocket like thing (me being technical). I rinse it and clean it etc, put it back and it seems to clear the problem. And then one day i will learn and fix the gauge. one day...
have fun

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