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Spitfire 1500 clutch


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Having completed demolition of my old garage today, and having no wish to leave the Spit in the front garden for a week unprotected, I took it the 4 miles to a garage that I know and trust to store it securely for a week. I have only had the car a couple of weeks and the clutch has always been fierce. Dropping down the gearbox for some traffic lights, I got a crunch into second and it was biting sitting at the lights. Pedal seemed to have a lot of slack, but it was getting worse in that last mile. Too much bite. George was happy to store the car and have a look at the clutch at the same time. Being a youngster he's not familiar with the oldies. The clutch fluid was low in the master cylinder and I reckon, master or slave cylinder or maybe the pipe between the two. Any ideas?

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