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Hi guys, as is well known (I think) my Spit 1500 has had the Megajolt treatment and I am a big, big fan of this relatively inexspensive way of improving our steeds.

When my MJ was fitted I took the old Luminition box of tricks and the rotor arm and leads and stuffed them behind the boot panel hiding the fuel tank, saying to myself "just in case the electrickery goes wrong".

Nearly 4 years later and nary a problem with the MJ until today - the bracket holding the toothed wheel sensor suffered a fatigue fracture and that was game over. Stuck in N Yorks, way off the beaten track until I remembered the stuff hidden in the boot.

Well, I remebered some of it, the leads, the rotor arm and a good dissy cap, but wondered why we had no spark at all until I also rembered the Luminition unit (Doh!)

After then figuring out the correct HT lead order we were away again,  super duper :)

Moral of the story? Always have a back up! The MJ itself was not at fault but a simple mechanical failure that would have been impossible to recover from had I not tucked those essential items away all that time ago.

The other essential items? Friends like Andy and Ian Heeley who can spanner with the best of 'em and who will never leave you behind, thanks guys  8)

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I have done the same thing; all parts needed to revert to points are in the boot. As a test I tried doing the change. It takes about two minutes to do. I have left my dizzy in place as it runs the tacho, and I didn't want to change that.

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