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C2C Entrants' June Update


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Hello all entrants, I have just sent you the email below.  For email addresses I have used the current copy of Entrant Information.  If you have not received the June update by email there is a mismatch between your data in Entrant Information and your actual email address. You will need to align them!

"Hello all Coast 2 Coast Entrants

There are now only about 3 weeks to go until the 2022 Coast 2 Coast Run.  I hope your preparations are going well.  This mail is to update you about what has happened since the last update in April and to let you know what to expect leading up to the event.


As I am writing on the 3rd June there are 49 entries.  All the reserves that wished to enter have been able to take the place of entrants that have needed to withdraw. If you know anyone that would like to enter but is not aware that there is the possibility of getting an entry please get them to mail me.

Merchandising and Activities

The shop has now closed for merchandising and F&WHR activities as I have to place the orders.

Location of the pre-event meal and signing on

Unfortunately The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway restaurant, Spooner’s Cafe, will not be able to offer us the facilities originally planned.  Covid has had a deep impact in this area of Wales and has disrupted their lives and local economy seriously as a result of the remoteness of the region.  They are not able to recruit sufficient replacement staff to provide full service at the restaurant.

Fortunately the nearby Port Deli and Restaurant is able to accommodate us.  Signing on and the pre-event meal will be held here.  Details will be in the Road Book and the Final Instructions.

Parade of Triumphs for F&WHR video

John Bell will provide detailed instructions by email by the 8th June to those who are taking part in the parade. The cars will move off at 09:45 when the first Ffestiniog line train departs Porthmadog Harbour Station.  Participants need to park their cars outside the station by 09:00 in preparation for further instructions and a prompt departure.

Other entrants are welcome to watch, but please do not bring your cars to the station.  Park in the F&WHR reserved section of the Llyn Bach Car Park.

Road Book

Howard Brissenden has prepared a detailed road book describing the Event Timetable, the suggested route, its timings and points of interest on the way.  The official suggested route will be provided as .gpx files for use with Garmin and Tomtom satnavs.  

It will also be made supplied as Google Routes links which can be uploaded onto smart phones. Please note that due to the limitations on the free version of Google Routes, the C2C route has to be split into a number of sections to ensure that it reasonably accurately follows the satnav routes.

For those teams wanting to use traditional paper maps, the Google Routes can be used to view and transfer the route to your road atlas.

An email will be sent out on the 10th June which will have the following attachments:-

  • A link to download the C2C 2022 Road Book (every team must bring a paper copy of the sign in sheet)
  • Garmin .gpx route files
  • Notes on loading .gpx files onto Garmin SatNavs (pdf file)
  • Google Routes links (pdf file)

WhatsApp Group

We have established a WhatsApp group for the organisers to broadcast event information & provide a separate emergency contact point. If you want your co-driver added please contact Howard with your team name & entry number plus the co-driver’s mobile number. Additional co-drivers will not be added after 20th June.

If you have any last minute change to your WhatsApp phone number(s), please advise Howard as soon as possible. 

Entrant, Crew and Car Information

While most entrants have completed their information, thank you, there are still a few that have not.  If you have not completed your information or it is not up to date please would you do that as soon as you are able.  I need to finalise the information by Friday 17th June.


Restrictions that have applied generally to Wales were relaxed by The Welsh Government on 30th May. I am not aware of any additional regulations that apply to Porthmadog specifically.  However The Welsh Government continues to recommend people take simple steps to protect their health – including wearing face coverings in health settings.

However, as mentioned above, Porthmadog has been particularly sensitive to the impact of Covid. With this in mind and wanting to present Club Triumph as a sensitive and responsible organisation, I ask you the following please:

If you or your crew have any Covid symptoms please test yourself and if positive please withdraw from the event. A refund of entry fee will be made for this reason.

Please bring masks and sanitiser with you and use appropriately e.g. if the Port Deli asks for masks to be worn.

The situation in Wales is reviewed every 3 weeks. This means that there will be another review a few days before the event.  This will be after I have distributed the Final Instructions. I will make a “Covid” Post on the Forum on 22nd June to state my understanding.  Please will you keep up to date with this and https://gov.wales/announcements/search?field_policy_areas%5B980%5D=980


What to expect

Before the event there will be more communications from John Bell, Howard Brissenden and myself.  Those from John and Howard have been described and the time to expect them has been stated above.

I will provide Final Instructions on the 19th June and The Briefing on 23th June.  The briefing will be written by email and speech by WhatsApp.

I hope you will have a safe and enjoyable Coast 2 Coast Run.




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