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Passport controls en route

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So, there I was, doing my DIY on the house front when a friend walked past on his way for his usual walk.

The conversation varied between test cricket, travel etc and then he exclaimed....his best friend had been arrested at an EU passport control, for overstaying his 3 month visa period. However he had left a previous passport control some months back ,didnt have a date stamp on his passport exit control and was on his way back into the EU. some wile later..... It turns out that they had been working to the letter of the law...When you enter an EU country, non EU entrants should have their passport stamped for the entry date.............and then stamped again on the way out. He had apparently been stamped in but not on exit.... so it all essence he had `officially` not left  ,as he had not been stamped out. So he was arrested for visa infringement. Just checked our passports...stamped in and out of EU......🤔 

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This happened to my wife with the US. We got around it because she could prove she had been in and out of some other countries in the meantime.

Was not a problem.

In my experience, being humble and kind and showing evidence like hotel bills and/or train/ferry tickets usually placates them...

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