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2500s 75mph+ drone


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I have a 2500s with manual OD, no drones or wines driving round town or cruising, but....when accelerating past 75mph there is a low drone noise, it don't think its a wine, its not high pitched, it's a low noted drone, as said, only appears about 75mph, now I don't know what an imbalanced prop sounds like or what a spent quill shaft bearing sound like? It dosnt come from a specific corner, It seems to just appear through the whole car, anyone had similar, all help appreciated,  cheers

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Just checking is it 100% road speed related and NOT engine RPM related? (You don't get the same noise at the same RPM but at a lower speed)

I'd assume not, but just to be sure?

The list of possibilities is almost endless... but I'd start with the obvious/cheap stuff....

  1. Wheels balanced?
  2. Prop balanced?
  3. Prop mounting/alignment correct?
  4. Diff in reasonable condition?
  5. No sign of wheel bearings having excessive play or getting hot after a decent run

After that to me the likely thing is there's a vibration somewhere that's at a resonant frequency of one of the body panels/doors etc.

Also assuming there's no other symptoms like steering shudder etc.

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