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TR7 Brake squeal


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I have a standard TR7 convertible, 1981 build with standard steel wheels. Pads and discs in good order but without fail, as you ease off the brakes when coming to a stop, they let out an almighty squeal. Any ideas? Different brand of pads maybe?   To be clear, it is gentle pressure that gets a squeal. 



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Do you know what pads are currently fitted?

But whatever they are try using some mintex ceratec grease after removing the pads, a good clean including the surfaces where the pad backing plates move on the calipers.

Also check wheel bearing play.

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Many thanks all, the car is relatively new to me (just a couple of months) and have the standard discs and pads and whilst there is plenty of meat on the pads, I do not know their age. I will go back and check the springs and give the surfaces a clean as suggested.

Mind it might be a day or three before I do, given the 40 degree heat - just not the weather for being in overalls and jacking a car up!



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