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Nippon Denso Alternator fitting


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Anyone got any ideas on how to wire up one of these newfangled Nippon denso alternators?

I've got 4 terminals on the alternator - P, IG, L and an M6 stud terminal.

The car has got two brown wires and a brown and yellow one.

I'm not the best at wiring but so far I'm thinking...

... the yellow and brown wire is the ignition light and should go to the L terminal.
... the thick brown main should go to the M6 stud.
... the thin brown cable should go to the P terminal.
... the IG needs to go to a ignition switched source, I think.

Am I right?

Also, where is the best place to pick up an ignition switched source. Is this simply just a case of piggybacking a terminal on the back of the ignition switch?

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Is it a small post or spade? Most likely be for an electronic rev counter, generally marked W on European alternators-it takes part of the phase to signal the tacho.It's a connection you won't find on older more period alternators.

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