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Herald radiator


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having just acquired my next project , have been going over it, today i found if left running for 30 minutes it boils up no oil in water no water in oil ,think could be rad has a dolomite 1500 engine the rad is stock 1200 herald the car is a herald saloon. is the 1200 rad up to the job or should i replace . not flushed the block yet next job .paul

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Unlikely it is the original radiator, but if full width and thin, it could be. 

That may struggle. Likewise the narrower rad as fitted to later heralds and I think 1500 spitfires (pretty sure all are the same) should be OK. There is an if...

1500 can struggle with cooling if the rad and system is not in good condition. If some of the rad is blocked, it may help to reverse flush and clean the whole system, then try some radclean. However, if cooling tubes are properly blocked, they will not flush clear (any water will just take the easier route down clear tubes) In which case a new or recon radiator is needed.

Make sure the thermostat opens fully, the actual opening temperature makes little difference but most go for the 82 degree version all year.

Has the engine engine gotthe 1500 type plastic fan, or the old herald 4 blade metal one? teh metal type won't be as good as the later type.

Lastly engine tuning. If the timing is retarded, or the mixture weak, that will create extra heat. 

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